Chocolate Experience!

Honouring yourself at least once a month is important for your own happiness and wellbeing. 
Hosted by the heart-centred souls of Innerlove, Leah and Kirsty are running Cacao Healing Nights for Women in Brisbane, to come together, pause, breathe and reconnect.  

These self-love evenings are designed to help you disconnect from the world's demands. Disconnect from screens and to do lists. Disconnect from the busy-ness of life and reconnect with your inner-calm as you unwind and nourish your soul. 
Date: 1st Friday Of Every Month
Time: 6:30pm-8:30pm 
These fill up super fast - click book now to reserve your tickets.

Science Of Cacao and the link to your brain's happiness chemicals 

An experience like no other that will leave you wanting more

Spiritual Ceremony to reconnect deeply and unblock energy

Delicious Cacao
Chocolate Experience 

A cosy evening retreat filled with chocolatey Cacao, Reiki, Sound Healing, Meditation, Candles, Calm, Connection, Mindfulness and more!
Held once per month in Brisbane, fill up your cup and treat yourself to a delicious Cacao Night Experience! 
  • Discover the science and secret benefits of Healing with Cacao!
  • Slow down your busy world, feeling calm and relaxed 
  • Experience Sound Healing, Reiki Healing, Connection & More
  • Traditional spiritual experience of a beautiful Cacao Ceremony
 Perfect For You If You:
  • You're new to ceremonial grade Cacao and are curious! 
  • Are desperately seeking ‘time out’  
  • Want to go from stressed and anxious, to relaxed and refreshed!
  • Discover how cacao is nature's only anti-depressant in the world!
Limited Spaces Apply | 1st Friday Of Every Month
Kirsty and Leah  

Meet Your Facilitators 

Certified & Highly Skilled in guiding thousands of Women to create long-lasting change, achieve success and live an inspirational life.

Australia's leading Lifestyle and Mindset Coaches, Kirsty and Leah have walked the path are absolutely passionate about helping Women to overcome any limitations, fears, self-doubts and self-sabotage patterns. And transform your reality with fast, effective, NLP Tools and Healing Techniques! 

  • Lifestyle and Business Success Coaches & Mentors
  • Master NLP Coaches (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming)
  • Master Hypnotherapist 
  • Emotional Change Technique & Timeline Therapy
  • Somatic Experiences Reiki, Cacao, Sound & Breathwork & Mindfulness Techniques

Run Out Of Cacao?

400G Block Of Cacao

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