7-Week Journey To Inspire Your Best Life


Inner-Essence is a LIVE 7-Week inward journey of Self-discovery and Self-acceptance.

Where you will:
  • Create a life doing what you love! 
  • Live judgement free and feel free to be you!
  • Overcome your people-pleaser habits
  • Stop feeling triggered & take control of your life
  • Weave Rituals & Cacao Ceremonies into your life and business 
  • Feel safe and supported with all the tools, resources and guidebooks for your personal growth and success 
With a desire to discover your true essence and live a life that is designed by your values...you are ready to do the inner-work and finally show up, unapologetically as you!
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The Journey;

7-Empowering Steps to Coming Home to Yourself. And living an inspirational life you Love!
 1 | Intention Setting
Stop putting everyone else first and learn how to prioritise yourself. Honour your needs without guilt!
2 | Habits & Rituals
Change your habits and weave in nourishing rituals. Overcome anxiety, stress and overwhelm. Increase happiness, joy & wellbeing.
3 | Cacao Ceremonies
Experience a Cacao Ceremony facilitated for you with 1 x full experience you can use.
4 | Live Your Values
Discover your values and go from procrastination to motivation. Understand what drives you and lifts you up! Inspiring values-based living.
5 | Positive Self-Talk
Overcome self-doubt. Take your mind from negative to positive with these self-talk strategies.
6 | Healthy Boundaries
Stop reacting and start responding! Learn how to hold space and protect your energy from taking responsibility for other people's emotions.
7 | Unlock Your Potential
Goal Setting & Manifestation with your subconscious mind using NLP Techniques.

The Details;

Live and fully Immersive Coaching Program that inspires you, expands your mind and moves you forwards!

6 x Group Mentoring Sessions

On the specific 6-steps to realign to your inner-essence  and design a life aligned with your values
(Valued at $1,100)

7 x [LIVE] Coaching Sessions

Apply the 6-steps you learn with practical coaching and guidance on your Innerlove coaching calls(Valued at $1,100)

1 x Personalised, 1:1 Coaching Sessions - Tailored to you!

Discuss with your own personal coach areas of self-improvement. (Valued at $800)

Weekly Accountability Coaching 

1:1 personal check-ins on your progress and commitments!
(Valued at $400)

Private Facebook Community Group 

Share authentic and joyful connections with like-minded hygge sisters.(Value: Priceless!!)

All Guidebooks & Resources

Exercises, worksheets, deep dives, practical tools, steps and strategies you can implement for life!


3 x Self-Hypnosis Sessions you can use for your Cacao Ceremonies and Rituals (Create change on an unconscious level and Reprogram your mind (Valued at$450)
  • Deep Relaxation 
  • Reduce Anxiety & Stress
  • Boost your Self-Confidence 

Includes Your
1-Day Rise Up & Reconnect Retreat!

1-Day Fully Immersive Experience 
Transform & Expand With Incredible Healing Experiences

With the essence of a Retreat, you will break-through your limits and experience profound shifts and deep healing within. Whatever healing that's required in order for you to move forwards and feel great, you will get it at your Rise Up Retreat Workshop!
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Ready to become the best version of yourself?

Discover the essence of who you are, unlock your potential, align with your purpose and expand your mind to new possibilities!

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Normally $2,000
We are so excited to welcome you into our
Innerlove Community of Passionately
Inspired Women! 

Are you ready?

Who Is This NOT For?

  • You want to stay exactly where you are 
  • You don't want help moving forward
  • You're happy feeling triggered and reacting to life
  • You prefer to stay in your comfort zone and stay stuck
  • You don't like connecting with like-minded women

Who Is This IDEAL For?

  • You enjoy being part of a community and connecting with like-minded women
  • You're ready to do what you love in life!
  • You've done all the self-help books, courses, videos and you're still feeling frustrated and stuck
  • You've done years of therapy and counselling and still attracting negativity into your life 
  • You're DONE with going around in circles and you're READY to move forwards and create change and transformation!
  • You are willing to do whatever it takes

Are You Ready To: 

 Create a life doing what you love! 
 Release fear of judgement and show up unapologetically
 Get super clear on who you are and what you want!
 To set heart-inspired goals and actually achieve them! 
 Stop playing the people-pleasing role and put yourself first 
 Overcome self-doubt and self-sabotage patterns 
 Create postive self-talk and Love yourself again

Why We Created This Journey?

"It breaks our heart to see WAY too many Women get stuck and give up on their dreams of living a life they love. 

This journey is created for the Woman who feels like there is something missing. Kirsty and Leah have overcome many traumas and self-sabotage patterns to create rapid transformation in their own lives! And have gone on to create a successful 6-figure business and community of helping others do the same! 

"We have walked this path, we know what you need in order to create the life you desire and deserve".  

This no-BS-no-Fluff-journey is created to give you real-world, practical advice that you can apply right away and most of all, gives you fast results!

Incredible Results from Incredible Women


Meet Your innerlove Coaches

Kirsty & Leah

Certified & Highly Skilled in guiding thousands of Women to create long-lasting change, achieve success and live an inspirational life.

Australia's leading Lifestyle and Mindset Coaches, Kirsty and Leah have walked the path are absolutely passionate about helping Women to overcome any limitations, fears, self-doubts and self-sabotage patterns. And transform your reality with fast, effective, NLP Tools and Healing Techniques! 

  • Master NLP Coaches (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming)
  • Master NLP Processes & Techniques
  • Lifestyle and Business Success Coaches
  • Master Hypnotherapist 
  • Emotional Change Technique & Timeline Therapy
  • Somatic Experiences 
  • Reiki, Cacao, Sound & Breathwork & Mindfulness Techniques
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