Happiness 1/2 Day Workshop

Have you tried all the self-help and talk therapy and you're still feeling stuck, lost and alone? 

If you're feeling as if something is missing in your life, then this incredible 3-hour Happiness Workshop is one you MUST experience!
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Normally $189

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Happiness & Healing

In 3-Hours You Will:
  • Learn Deep Relaxation Techniques - Reiki, Hypnosis & Meditation
  • Experience Sound Healing Bowls
  • Discover your pathway to true happiness 
  • NLP Tools and Mindset Techniques for Transformation 
Perfect For You If You:
  • Need space to breathe and relax 
  • Are desperately seeking ‘time out’  
  • Want to go from stressed and anxious, to relaxed and refreshed!
  • Want to instantly feel your exhaustion melt away
  • Desire the exact steps in moving forward with excitement!
  • Escape ground-hog day!
Normally $189

Innerlove's Instant Relaxation Technique 

The Clarity Method

From Procrastination to Motivation Strategy

An incredibly nourishing experience

in as little as 3 hours!

This happiness workshop will shift you out of your state of stuck-ness and move you forwards!
Within your 3-hour experience, the modalities we use and the tools and techniques we teach you...

You Can Absolutely Expect to ...
Leave feeling calm, lighter and deeply relaxed with the Sound Healing, Meditation and Unique Relaxation modalities we use!
Gain absolute clarity on your direction and next steps with this powerful NLP tool! 
Experience a massage for the mind, deepening your connection with yourself - present and mindful.
Escape ground-hog day! Get unstuck and feel energised to move forwards with confidence!
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for 3-Hour Happiness Workshop
Kirsty and Leah  

Meet Your Facilitators 

Certified & Highly Skilled in guiding thousands of Women to create long-lasting change, achieve success and live an inspirational life.

Australia's leading Lifestyle and Mindset Coaches, Kirsty and Leah have walked the path are absolutely passionate about helping Women to overcome any limitations, fears, self-doubts and self-sabotage patterns. And transform your reality with fast, effective, NLP Tools and Healing Techniques! 

  • Lifestyle and Business Success Coaches & Mentors
  • Master NLP Coaches (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming)
  • Master Hypnotherapist 
  • Emotional Change Technique & Timeline Therapy
  • Somatic Experiences Reiki, Cacao, Sound & Breathwork & Mindfulness Techniques
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