10-Weeks to Business Success


Are you wanting to step into your fullest potential, cultivate your inner confidence, and make a difference to people's lives, doing what you love?

You know you have the tools and knowledge to help so many, however there are a few missing gaps...

 No idea where to start in your own business 
 Unsure if your idea is worth pursuing 
 Struggling to find clients 
 Lacking the confidence to show up
 Need systems and strategies to make money

We've got you sister! 

We have created this incredible course for the healer, massage therapist, coach or health practitioner wanting to make money doing what you love. AND create impact and bring transformation and healing to your community.

In this course, not only will you connect with like-minded women and feel super supported in your business...

We will help you will implement the easy roadmap to consistent $5k months, without wasting time on marketing that doesn't work!


 10 Week Intimate Group + personal 1:1 Coaching 
 Guaranteed client attraction strategy
 Become fully booked with 1:1 clients 
 Facilitate Women's Circles + Cacao Ceremony
 Create packages and offers that sell
 Personal Roadmap to $5k+ consistent months 
 Proven marketing strategies that gets results fast
 Done-With-You Journey

Our promise to you; We deeply care about raising the happiness of humanity and creating the ripple effects in your community. We focus on getting you results and will do whatever it takes for you to achieve your intentions and goals! 
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Cultivate Your Inner Confidence 

In 10 Weeks You will;
  • Transform your mindset for success in life and business
  • Have certainty and clarity on your passion, purpose and direction
  • Overcome any limiting beliefs, self-sabotage patterns and self-doubts 
  • Show up with absolute confidence!
  • Create the foundations of your business, giving you your personal roadmap to consistent $5k months and beyond - doing what you love!
  • Manifest what you want - manifesting secrets to take with you for life
Perfect For You If You:
  • Feeling Lost or Stuck; not clear on your direction or purpose
  • Are seeking a coach to guide you and unlock your fullest potential and success
  • Want to step into your purpose and gain confidence in yourself
  • Create income on your own terms 
  • Desire the exact steps in moving forward with excitement!
  • Escape ground-hog day and do what you love!

Easy & Proven Roadmap to Consistent $5k Months

Mindset Coaching for Success

From Procrastination to Motivation Strategy

Kirsty and Leah  

Meet Your Facilitators 

"We believe that you get to live an inspirational life. Filled with Passion, Purpose and Joy. You get to do what you love and live your best life now - no regrets. We love seeing Women's dreams come to life "

Certified & Highly Skilled in guiding thousands of Women to create long-lasting change, achieve success and live an inspirational life.

Creating a multiple 6-figure business in less than 10 months, Kirsty and Leah have walked the path are absolutely passionate about helping Women bring their dreams to life! And overcoming any limitations, fears, self-doubts and self-sabotage patterns

With many tools in their toolkit, you will transform whatever is holding you back to get results FAST. 
  • Lifestyle and Mindset Coaches
  • Business Mentors for start up health practitioners
  • Master NLP Coaches (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming)
  • Master Hypnotherapist 
  • Emotional Change Technique & Timeline Therapy
  • Somatic Experiences Reiki, Cacao, Sound & Breathwork & Mindfulness Techniques
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